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Was just diagnosed with glaucoma, need support!

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I might be seeing the wrong opthmologist! My eyes are so dry, it feels like no fluid inside my eyeballs, they are blood shot, they hurt all around the sockets, feel like hot. On 9.25.20 the eye doctor said just buy over the counter drops. I asked what my pressure was and he said 22 and 21 in the other eye. I asked if I should be concerned and he said, "no", when pressure readings are at 30 then it is time to worry. Do I have glaucoma and just a bad o pthmologist? Any thoughts????

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@deborahfrick123 Hi Deborah I have Glucoma and my ct was ,20-21 Dr put me on Latanaprest ct down to normal 14-15. I think you should see another Opthalmologist Glucoma can lead to blindness ,don't mean to scare you but yes you need to get it under control I also have Macular Degeneration so Dr put me on AREDS a pill 2x a day

Hi Deborah – I've dealt with Glaucoma for 37 years, and my experience tells me that you definitely need to seek a second opinion. I can't comment on your current ophthamologist; however, your pressures are high. Also, "just buying OTC eye drops" is not a good answer. Most OTC eye drops have preservatives in them, which further the eyes being dry. I've worked with a Dry Eye Specialist, and there are many things to do to deal with dry eyes – and it sounds like yours are severely dry. Please do not let these issues go on without prompt attention. You were right to trust your gut in sensing that your current ophthamologist might not be the best for you. Let us know how you are doing! Sue

deborahfrick123, I recently learned thiamine (B1) plays an important role in eye health such as dry eye.cataract development and macular degeneration. Thiamine as well as vitamin D requires sufficient magnesium to make them bioavailable. I encourage you to also research thiame's role in your overall health. Also look into R-Alpha Lipoic Acid benefits for glaucoma.