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Was just diagnosed with glaucoma, need support!

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Went for my annual eye exam and my eye pressure was 21 in both eyes. He said my optical nerve had some changes too. He put me on eye drops at bedtime and have to get a visual fields test done. My grandmother went blind from this. Fun fun!

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@riflemanz64 Welcome to connect where we care We aren't Dr,s but help with what we can .I to have Glucoma have had it for well over 10 yrs I'm on Latanaprest my opthalmologist prescribed for me so far my numbers are in the teens around 15 in both eyes I also have macular Degeneration ,dry eyes but be faithful in your drops make sure you do as your Dr says I have a picture and visual fuel once a year also

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Did this diagnosis come out of the blue for you? Often there aren't any warning signs.

Hello Riflemanz64- Sorry to hear of your diagnosis of Glaucoma; however, the good news is that it was diagnosed! I'm not trying to be cavalier. It's just that after a diagnosis that pulled the rug out from under you, and compounded with the outcome which your grandmother had, you should know that it is very treatable and does not necessarily lead to loss of vision or major negative changes. I've had glaucoma for 37 years, with major fluctuations in my pressure from time to time. Not only are drops effective – be religious about taking them! – but there are so many new procedures that are available. Changes to the optic nerve may or may not reflect loss of vision. The visual field test will provide you with more information. I have changes to my optic nerve and after so many years, have lost a little peripheral vision in one eye. It does not cause me any problems. I suggest that you learn all you can about Glaucoma and make sure you feel comfortable with a very good Ophthalmologist who specializes in Glaucoma. Also, be aware for symptoms of dry eyes, because often the drops will have that result. Please let us know how you are progressing. I'm sure the prognosis is good! Sue