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Diplopia (Double Vision) Help!

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@ashby1947. @colleenyoung I am @rckj otherwise known as Rhoda. I’ve been out of the loop on the site for a bit due to exacerbation of my chronic illnesses, including eye problems. After I saw Colleen’s post, I thought maybe I could be helpful. I can tell my story, offer advice, offer what worked and what didn’t, offer support, etc. What would be most helpful to you? Best wishes, Rhoda.

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Hi Rhoda @rckj Thank you for your note. I hope things are going better for you. I'm dealing with a 1,2 punch right now with my eye. I was just beginning to get the hang of using prism corrective lenses for the diplopia, and then I developed Central Retinal Vein Occlusion in the affected eye. A week ago the Retina specialist gave me an injection of Avastin. He and I are expecting that the loss of vision I have experienced with the CRVO will be restored over time. My biggest issue is just adapting to the disorientation of having one eye that does not work. Walking and steps are a challenge for me. Fortunately, even though I am 73, I am in good shape, exercise, do balance exercises daily, and am working on muscle tone. So, I can pretty much handle maneuvering, but I don't feel confident. For example, I used to walk outside daily; however, now I feel more comfortable on the treadmill. (Well, to be fair, since I'm in Jacksonville, FL, I admit to preferring the air conditioning inside as opposed to 95 degrees outside!) I am a firm believer in a person's ability to improve her own condition. I know my issues will improve. It's just right now, this disorientation is something I've not experienced before. You are gracious to offer your experiences, and I look forward to any comments you have.

Thank you, Sue.