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Diplopia (Double Vision) Help!

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After tube shunt surgery for glaucoma, I developed diplopia. I have prism glasses which enable me to work at the computer and read. However, I need no corrective lenses to see far away, about 6 feet and farther. I can’t wear either pair of prism glasses when I’m walking because of the distortion. This produces a tremendous disorientation – like not seeing a step in perspective and not really being able to see my feet clearly. If you have diplopia, you will understand – it’s difficult to explain. I am working with a balance therapist and expect to improve. I also developed a Central Retinal Vein Occlusion 4 weeks ago, for which I am receiving injections. I expect I will regain my vision; however, at present this contributes to my disorientation. I am an optimist and fortunately have excellent physicians. While I have a strong tolerance for dealing with health issues, I am experiencing a high stress level. Some of it is the length of time I’ve been dealing with it, 7 months (I know it could be worse), but it is difficult not to be able to read or use the computer for any length of time, and feeling so unstable and disoriented. I am an active 73 y.o. I am asking for anyone who has dealt with similar issues to tell me of your experiences. My usual sources of support are there for me; however, it is impossible for me to help them understand what it is I’m dealing with. Thank you in advance for any insights!

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Hi @ashby1947, I moved your latest message to the discussion you already started about diplopia (double vision). I'd also like to add @travelgirl @beka @shellyleon_dd @treyaj @rckj and @quiteachiver75 to this discussion. They too have experienced double vision and multiple health issues and will be able to share with you.

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Ashby, how was your appointment at the Balance Center? What did you do there?

@ashby1947. @colleenyoung I am @rckj otherwise known as Rhoda. I’ve been out of the loop on the site for a bit due to exacerbation of my chronic illnesses, including eye problems. After I saw Colleen’s post, I thought maybe I could be helpful. I can tell my story, offer advice, offer what worked and what didn’t, offer support, etc. What would be most helpful to you? Best wishes, Rhoda.