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I just spent 3 weeks 5/12/19 to 6/2/19 at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville for a lung transplant evaluation, travelled across the country from Oregon. It was an extremely intensive and a scary process not knowing or understanding all the details. At 70 years old I have never been in a hospital, 3 weeks of tests and more test was overwhelming. I quickly became very comfortable with my Lung transplant Team. Everyone made me feel at ease all the time, doctors, nurses social workers, lab techs, lung transplant patient support group and the comfort dogs are the best in the world. At the end of 2 weeks I decided that a lung transplant is the way I want to go. The team made it easy to decide. I have to return on 6/22/19 for a week to fix an artery so that if successful I can go to Selection that week. We stayed at the Courtyard Mayo and will do so again, it is very convenient and easy to get back and forth on a on demand shuttle, just a few minutes each way, great with my wheelchair. For me the beauty of the campus, all the great people involved and the fact that everything worked like the Swiss Railroad, on time all the time. I will pack up my power wheelchair, put it on the plane and carry my portable oxygen concentrator on board and be there a week Saturday.
Trust that all goes well with your trip and my prayers are with you.

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@djallan, Welcome to Mayo Connect. Thank you for sharing your description of your recent experience.
I am happy to hear that your evaluation process and testing has been accomplished, and that you will be able to return to Mayo soon for a preliminary procedure. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and you travel, undergo a successful procedure, and get listed for your transplant. It is a big step, and you are going to be in the best of care at Mayo.