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Statin Intolerance

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My husband and I had the muscle pain, etc. from statin use. My husband's doctor tried different statins on him with the same results. All statins have the same side effects. His doctor also tried medications that were not statins. Those didn't affect his levels any more than the statins did. Eventually he stopped all cholestrol lowering medications. I stopped taking the statin and refuse to take anything to lower my cholesterol.

My levels remain the same at 245 total. I have had high calcium levels that were caused by a diseased parathyroid gland. Once that was removed the calcium levels returned to normal. I did a great deal of research on cholesterol and our bodies. I learned that our bodies make cholesterol and that it is vital for brain function. Statins remove cholesterol from the blood and doesn't distinguish between what the body makes and what we ingest. When I started my research over 20 years ago the goal was to get the cholesterol level under 200 now it is under 100 and the lower the better.

My PCP uses a mathematical equation to determine my probability of having a heart attack over the last few years I have a 3% chance of having a heart attack in the next 10 years. I am 64 if it weren't for other physical issues I would be in great shape.

On a final note, I learned that statins only help about 1 in every 100,000 people. The other 99,999 get no benefit but do suffer with the side effects. My PCP confirmed this and I decided the odds weren't good enough for me to deal with the side effects which can be debilitating for many. There is a new drug Repatha that is not a statin but is an injection.

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@cindy63 Hi Cindy Ive been reading your post and glad you did you homework about statins. Id like to tell you my story . Back in 1996 I had a triple by pass my arteries where clogged by plaque 90,85,80% After the surgery the Dr. told my to get of off red meat I haven't had any but occasionally since then . One time I did eat some stroganoff and could smell the fat in it so my dog got the meat. I have been on statins since to reduce my cholesterol from high of 285 the only one that has brought it down is Crestor but you need to take CoQ10 with it . Our bodies make both but when the cholesterol is to high like that then you don't want to risk the chance of having a heart attack which might be final for you. Cindy talk to your Dr. more about this. I belive in holistic health but I will take Crestor. I'm 76 and only on 3 meds. Its imperative to get daily exercise which I do other then my back problems I'm in great shape.

Hello Cindy,
May I be so bold as to ask where you acquired the figure that only 1 in 100,000 people are helped by statins, a number you claim is confirmed by your physician. IF, my math is correct your saying out of the approximately 200,000,000 people on statins only 2,000 benefit worldwide and of the 35,000,000 people in the U.S. only 350 users are benefiting? Where those numbers typos?
I was on Lipitor for awhile and my numbers lowered to normal. I lost a lot of weight, started eating properly and exercised and my numbers have remained normal.

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