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fatigue and muscle weakeness

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Thanks, Flib. I have the same problems of fatigue and weight loss. I've been on the Big 3 for almost 12 months and am hoping to see some improvement once I'm off them. I also have a hearing issue (tinnitus) that I'm fairly certain is attributable to the azithromycin.

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@erawl I too have been on the Big 3 – starting my tenth month, still battling weight loss, digestive issues and periodic fatigue. Yesterday I got the bad news from my pulmonologist that the latest sputum samples are still growing MAC – and sensitivity tests underway to be sure I am still on the right antibiotics, and I'll likely be seeing the infectious disease doc soon. A few weeks ago I would have been really depressed by this news and feeling sorry for myself, but…
I spent the last week working (pretty hard) with an amazing group of people, then dancing for 3 days with hundreds more. Many of the workers and dancers have serious health issues including cancer, heart issues, severe arthritis, and strokes,and a lot of the dancers were 80-90 years old. Some of the dancers had to use walkers, or lean on others, to get to the floor, but once there they were able to dance and enjoy the music. Some people whose dancing days are over just chatted and enjoyed the music.
I talked at length with a number of the people there about living with chronic, debilitating, or even terminal conditions. I spent quite a bit of time with my 51 year old friend who is battling Stage 4 stomach, esophagus & liver cancer, and is on chemo & a feeding tube, but continues to work when he can, and to help others. Sometimes he just has to leave and go rest, but it doesn't stop him, it only slows him down. Nearly all of the people I talked to shared his attitude that "Today is good, I will do whatever I can, and help however I can. Tomorrow is not guaranteed to any of us, but that's beyond my control."
That, my friends, is my model and motto for the rest of my life. I will see my doc regularly, do my meds and treatments, eat well and rest as necessary, but I WILL keep going.