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fatigue and muscle weakeness

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@erawl I have had MAC and Bronc for twelve years. I was only on meds for five months and lost quite a bit of hearing so I quit. I am almost always in some state of fatigue. It is especially bad in the mornings. It is part of having MAC, with or without meds you are going to be tired. I force myself to take short walks and to work out 20 min. at a gym twice a week. Sometimes I will do walking laps in the house. There are days when all I can do is cave in but most days I fight back. Nebulizing a saline makes a big difference. If I can clear my lungs, I am not fatigued. I do it twice a day. The disease has not progressed much over the years. But, I am by nature a slim person but I've lost 26 lbs and cannot gain it back. Eating is a problem. I have very little appetite and only eat to live. Look into alternative treatments. They have helped me over the years. God bless, Flib

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Thanks, Flib. I have the same problems of fatigue and weight loss. I've been on the Big 3 for almost 12 months and am hoping to see some improvement once I'm off them. I also have a hearing issue (tinnitus) that I'm fairly certain is attributable to the azithromycin.