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Scott, Volunteer Mentor (@IndianaScott)

Triggers for caregivers

Caregivers | Last Active: Oct 22, 2019 | Replies (53)

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Hello, Scott! I am so glad your daughter is getting better–praise God and all good doctors!! I do hope your dog keeps her eyesight. Years ago, my sister Sally's little schnoodle (spelling?) lost her sight. So sad; however, she bounded and bounced around the house, even upstairs and down, and she continued to play for several years. And to love and be loved, of course.
The sun is shining here (Painesville, Ohio) today after several rainy days. Happy Springtime to you and yours!

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Thanks for the well wishes, @nancyguy Glad to hear the sun is shining! It is here today in northern Minnesota. Small world, though. I grew up in Berea and my family were multigenerational Clevelanders back to 1850. Then as happens my dad changed jobs and so did our home! Still have a great friend over in Gates Mills.

The pup has a check-up with the vet on the 6th so we should know a bit more by then.

Keep on keeping on!