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Triggers for caregivers

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Triggers…April the month of Mom’s diagnosis two years ago…now April makes me apprehensive but I try look to it as the time of renewal and survival…
September the month of a favorite aunt’s death and four years later…on the same day…the day of my father’s death, her brother,…two days before my birthday…
I try to stay busy and honor their memories by just remembering all they meant to me…..
October…when my husband suffered a massive heart attack and died in my arms….I stay as busy as possible and do the thing he liked best….carving a pumpkin…

Triggers….I try my best to stay above them but if I have a breakdown and cry…I try to remember that the sun will come out tomorrow…tomorrow tomorrow I love you tomorrow you’re only a day away…..hmmmm think there is a song in there some where!!!!

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How great–you honor your husband by carving; I think he must be close to you, watching, for I do believe our loved ones can visit us once in awhile. I have had experiences otherwise unexplainable.. . . not frequent and when least expected. God bless you!

You just might be right @providence1960 … a song for sure 🙂 Maybe even a musical!

I like your idea of doing something special at those trigger times! I'll be trying that going forward for sure!