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Hello @nancyguy I appreciate your outreach! So often the tough times are those when we tend to feel the most alone. A voice is always welcome! Our daughter continues to make progress and they have made a major adjustment in her medications, which seems to be a big help. Getting her back to 100% will take a bit longer, but she said the other day she feels much more like her 'old self' now!

The dog is taking a bit longer. Had our vet do a thorough check on her and he found more than met the eye so to speak. She has eye troubles and I think that is leading to some of her anxiety. I know when I lost the sight in my right eye with my stroke I was a LOT more anxious than I had been so I can agree with the vet on that one with ease. Two ointments to see if they improve her eyes or not and the tincture of time. The one 'good' byproduct is she sticks close to me like glue so I enjoy the company -- except when she sneaks up on my blind side and I jump sky high when her cold nose rubs my leg! 🙂 In spite of all her battles she is a super sweet dog so we are lucky.

You are more than welcome for the 'good sense'. Glad it helps you! The benefits of the sharing that goes on in Connect is a wonderful thing for sure.

I hope the sun is shining on you and yours today!

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Hello, Scott! I am so glad your daughter is getting better--praise God and all good doctors!! I do hope your dog keeps her eyesight. Years ago, my sister Sally's little schnoodle (spelling?) lost her sight. So sad; however, she bounded and bounced around the house, even upstairs and down, and she continued to play for several years. And to love and be loved, of course.
The sun is shining here (Painesville, Ohio) today after several rainy days. Happy Springtime to you and yours!