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Sleeping and Mental health questions

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@abopp2022 It was my experience that many doctors do not put 2 and 2 together with vague symptoms. I think you may be right in being concerned if you feel that there is something more serious going on. I presume you have been to your PCP but nothing was diagnosed. I went almost a year and a half without a diagnosis — my problem was I am sure different from yours, the only thing in common being many vague symptoms. When I was finally diagnosed, I discovered that all of those vague symptoms of what I had — cirrhosis!

What I know now is that if I ever have a problem again that is not diagnosed relatively quickly, I will head to Boston, 55 miles away, to a major hospital. Major medical centers are so much more experienced that they can often add things up better than doctors in a more local area. Hopefully, that will never happen again.

All that being said, mental health problems, particularly depression, can cause sleep problems. Are you depressed? You don't need to answer that, I just think it is something you should consider.

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No, I'm not depressed. What all symptoms did you have? I just stated only my sleeping problems