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Hi, @zeljko. I wanted to add my welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect and also mention that @crstyday40 may have some thoughts or suggestions for you on the weight gain and hair loss you mentioned your son was experiencing on medications such as Depakine (valproic acid), Tegretol (carbamazepinum) and Vimpat (lacosamide).

I'd also be interested in hearing about what type of epilepsy your son was diagnosed with?

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Hi, @lisalucier, I didnt know you had tagged me in this post, I apologize for not responding sooner!!! @zeljko Ive been on all of these meds and if I remember correctly I want to say that the valproic acid made me gain weight, very rapidly too!! And as far as the hair loss it may have been the vimpat but I cant be certain about that! My memory is very bad!! When I did a clinical study for Topoma(name brand only, not the.off brand!) But all the weight I had gained from the valproic acid, lost it all and then some!! Went from 205lbs to 98lbs. It was crazy how it came off so fast!! But, because none of those meds ever helped my seizures, im currently on 3 different seizure meds again now and my weight is back up!! And still having seizures daily!!! I hoped that helped some, good luck to you and your son!!!