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Senile purpura bruises and treatment options

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@imallears Genetics do play a role in that you inherit the characteristics of your skin, and fair skin is more easily damaged. The sun can cause damage to your skin making purpura more apt to occur so staying out of the sun is a good thing to do.

I have heard that the southeast has been having very hot weather. I wish it was a tad warmer here in NH though. Yesterday was perfect, beautiful day and in the 70s. Today is gloomy and right now only 47 degrees!

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@contentandwell : I have yet to read up about the details of actinic purpura (too busy with garden, grandchildren’s birthdays, graduation ceremonies, house painter....). But the trigger being a very minor bump/scrape holds true. Now looking for something to blame. Not fair-skinned, no aspirin, no vitamin E, but sun exposure in the past (in the 1960’s it was cool to be tan, especially in the mountainous countries in Europe). Perhaps genetics....
As far as temperature competitions: we ended up with 97 degrees here on Monday, but contrary to what is common in SC., no real humidity yet. Has been mid to upper 90’s for 3 days, 3 more to go, then it will settle down to humid 85 to 90, and stay there for about 4 months. I could open another discussion as to why I stay here, why I bother to garden here (standard veggies, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, figs, and especially currants, which cannot be bought for love or money anywhere around here, and are a gamble each and every season).
You all have a pleasant summer, and I know what some people meant regarding climate comparisons. One of my sons lives in Portland OR, and they were wearing long sleeves 2 days ago!