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Senile purpura bruises and treatment options

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@ellerbracke I neglected to include that it does generally have a slight cause, as in a minor bump or something that you would never think would cause a bruise. Also, it fades differently than a typical bruise and sometimes leaves a light brown spot where it had been, and is pretty much confined to forearms and hands. Those are the only places where I have gotten them, so definitely true to the information I have found.

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The prescription that I have from my dermatologist, tretinoin cream, is very expensive and Medicare does not pay for it because it is cosmetic. I think the regular retail is around $250 for a tube but if you have the app "GoodRx" and look it up it will give you places that have it the cheapest and often provide a coupon. I was able to get it through GoodRx for about $60 at CVS. I have not tried Dermend but I am thinking about it. I do not think that is a prescription. I have been using tretinoin for about 2 and a half months now and didn't think I had seen a difference but right now my forearms do not look too bad. I am not sure if that's simply because I have not been as active as usual, or if it really is working. I too have an incentive, my son's wedding in August. I figure that in the process of traveling to Denver from NH I will be bumping things a lot and if this cream is not working I will be covered with these unsightly blemishes. They seem to crop up overnight.

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@contentandwell Hey, I earned these senile purpura bruises, just like every gray hair on my head! LOL