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I also had stage 1 with rad, lumpectomy and now on anastrozole.. My once has made a couple mistakes too and feel I’m not receiving the best care..( ordered blood work and never sent it off)😝 An considering looking for a new one too…. by the way … r u having side effects from The anastrozole?? I seem to have headaches and some anxiety 😝

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Hi Farm Girl – I started out with Stage 1 which turned into Stage 2 after pathology from lumpectomy came back. Then had an MRI which found a second tumor – following that lumpectomy, the path on that one came back as Stage 3. I was placed on anastrozole and lasted a month. The headaches were just splitting. They gave me time off as I also went through 2 episodes of diverticulitis! I've now been placed on Femara (letrozole). However, a cousin has done well on anastrozole. She had headaches for about a month and then they went away. So everyone is different. We can only give the meds a good try. If you don't feel comfortable with your oncologist, see if you can get someone else. At the medical facility I go to, we are able to switch without any problem. The first oncologist I went to hardly talked and did not respond to e-mails too well so I chose another and so far, so good. All the best to you.

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I do not know what to do. My Onc sent me for CT scan with contrast because my ca 27.29 was 41.9 and the high figure for that is 40 on the test the cancer place did. First, the CT scan experience was a nightmare. They could not find a vein for the contrast die. I had already expressed to the Dr that I was concerned because I had bilateral breast cancer with nodes removed under both arms and that I was afraid of getting lymphedema. Obviously she did not care. After poking around in my hand, I told the tech to stop and she did immediately. Then a nurse called the Dr and the technician from H*** came in and only told me his name, Keith, and would not answer when I asked who he was. He then took the tourniquet band and snapped it a couple of times between his hands and told me he could tie the tightest tourniquet in the hospital. I said no, I am scared to death of getting lymphedema and the tourniquet cannot be tight and should not be on longer than 2 minutes. He said he had seen lymphedema and I really did not want to get that and how horrible it was and then proceeded to put on the extremely tight tourniquet and start feeling my arm trying to find a vein. I kept saying that it was too tight and it could not be on longer than 2 minutes and he kept saying "I know, I know" and continued feeling my arm. I do not know for a fact as I could not see a clock, but that tourniquet on for way over 2 minutes….my thoughts were it was 10 or more minutes and he never loosened it. I came out of there traumatized! The following day, I called the hospital where the test was done (it is a trauma center….now I know why!!!! they traumatize the patients) and told them that they needed to find someone to talk to me and that I would be there in an hour. Well, that worked out. The two people that interviewed me were supervisors and this Keith guy that did the tourniquet stuff is also a supervisor, but he was not there. No one of importance talked to me and they kept putting Keith on the phone when I called to tell them that I was coming. I invited him to come and talk with whoever I got and to bring his elastic band and I would put it on him as tight as I could get it and let him sit for a while and see how he liked it. The fact is that he has really jeopardized my arm and now I am even more scared than I was before. In retrospect I should have told the Onc that I did not want the test with contrast, but as the patient I thought I was doing the right thing for myself. Incidentally, I had IDC stage one…no lymph node involvement. It specifically says on the report that the ca 27.29 is intended for use in monitoring: 1) disease progression and/or response to therapy in patients with metastatic disease, and 2) disease recurrence in patients treated previously for stage II and III breast carcinoma who are clinically free of the disease. Neither one applied to me. I am not liking this Dr at all and question if she knows what she is doing. I also question why the ca 27.29 seems to be a routine blood test when going for cancer treatment no matter what type of breast cancer or stage. My cancer a year ago and have two Oncs since then. Part of me is afraid to bounce to another, but I do not want to stay with this one. I truly think this is a guessing game for most of these Drs and wonder if there is any place where you can get good, honest treatment with someone who knows what he/she is doing. If you look at some of my other posts, you will see why I left the first Onc. I am beginning to think that we are just guinea pigs and $$$$$$ for oncologists/cancer centers.

As far as your question on anastrozole, I am not having much difficulty. I have heard and read of people who are having a horrible time with it. I may just be lucky so far. One thing that I think is helping me is that I am physically active and walk a lot. You could try that. My thought is that if there is discomfort, then the medicine is probably working. As far as anxiety, I think that is a given for anyone with a cancer diagnosis. Quite frankly I have been wild. I have not had headaches.

Thank you for responding to my post. I would suppose some people do not even realize they have bad doctors. I am going to be my own advocate whether the Dr likes it or not.