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Thank you for your reply. I hope I did not upset you with my question. I do not know whether either you or I should be scared…all I know is that I cannot seem to get this out of my mind. I do know a lot of doctors do not use tumor markers….there are blood tests for a few for breast cancer, but what I hear about most after starting treatment is the ca 27.29. My best friend had BC and her doctor told her he did not use tumor markers because they are not dependable and only upset the patient. People like you and I just do not know. The first time I had BC, I saw the oncologist every 4 months for 5 years. Then he said I did not have to see him anymore. I did not have chemo, but did have radiation both times. I am thinking I should not be panicking…and neither should you after reading my narrative. We are all very different and all the doctors do different stuff. I feel great and have no complaints…even taking anastrozole, so am really devastated about this. I am not so worried about the test…more so that I will get lymphedema from the IV. I think if you are having strange stuff happening with your breast, you may want to go to your doctor and have it checked out. Waiting until September will only give you more time to think about it and to worry. Let’s hope other people respond to this topic so we can get more information.

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Thanx sandyjr. I have been feeling fairly well too and am on anastrozole. Few aches and pains but that could be old age lol. I will take your advice and if it isn't any better by the weeks end, I will see my gp. I hope everything goes well for you too. I hate this horrible thing that has affected our lives forever. I am on anti anxiety meds too which have helped a lot. I try to take one day at a time and thank God I wake up each morning. Peace and healthy karma sent your way.

The fear of lymphedema is quite real. Where my medical treatment is, they have a 4-week program for breast cancer patients of strength training in the physical therapy department. They believe by doing these exercises and simple exercises with weights that lymphedema can either be minimized during episodes or one not getting it at all. I've found that it helps some with the fatigue of the AIs. We also have 2 exercise studios that offer strength training programs to breast cancer patients for free of which I will be trying to get into after completion of this one. If it is possible, check with your medical facility to see if they have such a program or your community to see if any are offered. I wish you the very best.

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