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Thank you all. The stroke was in 2018. There was no memory of falling down the stairs, before or after. Gait is awkward. Yes, stairs are a problem. This just happened now, not before. Again, thanks.

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@couldusehelp….my stroke occurred when I was 57. A real head banger. Very large section of cerebellum. Went in with no control over left arm, leg, and all muscles up and down. Eyesight was crazy. Looked like people entered my hospital room ……on the ceiling. Vomitting, vertigo. Probably similar to your experience. By the way….I did receive TPA. Was your stroke from clot or bleed? I knew exactly what time I stroked. I looked at clock, before my eyes went crazy, got to hospital within 45 minutes, quickly had MRI. All within the 4 hr. window for using TPA. Had to lay flat for 24 hrs. Within 3 days eyesight cleared, thank God, but nothing else improved. Stayed 4 or 5 days in hospital, went home and began my 8 months of therapy. I developed a tremor up and down left side about 2 months after stroke, don't know why. Seriously affecting left hand. On first glance, today, most would not know I've had a stroke. Now, at this point,, i walk like I've had one too many drinks and just trying to cover it up, lol. If I keep my left hand in pocket, the tremor is not evident. Only shows while trying to do anything involving both hands. Buttons, shoelaces, zipping my coat, getting money out of wallet, carrying a beverage (watch out, it'll be all over) which I only attempt if I have a plate in my right hand . So yeah, 3 years later, lots of deficits, bad balance, a bit tipsy walking…But the thing is, most of this is manageable. Never lost much of my strength because stroke caused ataxia- lack of control, but somehow did very little damage to my muscle strength, thank God. Having muscle strength was a huge benefit while working on control needed for walking, lifting, and the exercises I was able to do. Oh, forgot to mention…I never lost a bit of speech! At no point was talking a problem! Yahoo, lol.

Do you get frequent, very painful headaches daily? That is a real problem for me and have found its not uncommon. Probably due to brain damage, and relief, for me is by pain med. These are not your ordinary headaches. Plus limbs ache. Do yours? Not sure why. It's different from my rheumatoid or regular arthritis. Or from having both knees replaced. As I've said…it's different.

I am at a point where I can accept that it is what it is, the deficits are probably my partners for life. I have a wonderful large family and plenty of support, which I am grateful for. We laugh at tippy, spilling, fumbling, bumbling, somewhat forgetful, somewhat confused me. Yep, we laugh…me probably the loudest. But most important, I just keep trying and never stop. Gotta be realistic, sure, but gotta keep trying to get over the hurdles. Even if it's just finding alternative ways of doing things.