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Premature ventricular contractions (PVCs)

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My cardiologist told me when I first went to see him with not even 3 normal beats in a row that out of 10 people who see him with skipped beats, he medicates only one. I was that one. He said that if a patient came to him with skipped beats but was not feeling faint or having to gasp to get enough oxygen, (which was the case with me) he would not medicate. My daughter at the time who was about 20 years old was also experiencing occasional skipped beats and I took her to see him. She had no other symptoms besides the skips and thumps and he said she was fine. I tried to get her to go easy on the coffee but she wouldn't listen. LOL Bottom line: I wouldn't be overly concerned…but see your doctor to rule out anything serious. Once I got off the medication, I cut out alcohol, coffee, tea, chocolate, stress… I have been doing that for over 20 years in order to keep my heart steady and it works for me. No recurrence.

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Thanks. This just really started yesterday. Once I walk around and then stop or sit down, I can feel it. Several times in a row and my watch ECG shows the sudden beat Two or three normally in 30 seconds. I have had heart tests for the past 6 months and all with no issue other than bradycardia. Is it normal to feel this many many times all day long with no issues ?