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Mrs. H (@amberheilman)

Too much life to live

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Oh my goodness! You have hit the nail on the head. My brother overdosed his graduation night. I found him. I was 12. I was the rock for my parents as they dealt with their own guilt & troubles. I won't get into everything, but high school was awful and that is why I am a high school art teacher of 13years. My goal is to show my students that no matter what they are going through they will survive. through art and a positive attitude, they will grow stronger. I am constantly putting on a brave face. My body is betraying me. I am not sure how to not put so much stress on myself.
I'm sorry. TMI
Thank you for your kind words. I know you are correct. I am grateful for everything &everyone, including this group.

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@amberheilman Welcome to Connect, Mrs. H! I thought you might enjoy the Art for Healing discussion. It sounds to me like you might know something about the magic powers of art work in healing and overcoming adversity. I am like you too in that I am the caregiver and the responsible one for my parents and my dad passed a couple years ago. My parents never saw the reality of their situation and both were disabled and could not manage on their own. Those were the hardest years of my life to be advocating for them and taking care of them when I was in need of spine surgery myself, and as hard as that was, there were also the gifts of time well spent that I will always have with my dad. I still take care of my mom, and she is able to live on her own now. Art is one of my passions too and you can find more on that in this discussion. (I have some pictures on the first page) https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/art-for-healing/