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Gallbladder(?) Concerns

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I've been in and out of the ER. Here's my full list of symptoms since my first post. Chest pain
Chest heaviness
Coming and going sharp pain under right ribs and occasional on my left side.
Lower and middle back pain
Panic Attacks
Not feeling like myself
Feeling like I’m gonna pass out
Hot flashes
Not feeling right

I had a fever and was vomiting so i went to the er last night, where they did a urine test and a blood test which both came back negative for anything. I dont know whats going on and im scared. im supposed to get a phone call about getting an ultrasound test but these people are driving me crazy being so slow with their results. My dad's about to have a cow with Medicaid.

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You went to the ER with fever and they didn't do an emergency ultrasound? That is strange. I would demand one next time in. Unless it's because of financial constraints they should have done one. Make sure you go back and demand it and document everything. Good luck and I hope you get some relief.

@abopp2022 I'm not a doctor and don't know your medical history but, the panic attacks could be because you feel awful and you're scared not knowing what's wrong. Again, it could be gallbladder and there are specific tests for it. I would hate for a doctor to chalk this up as a panic attack so do concentrate on the physical symptoms. No, you shouldn't have to exclude it from the symptoms list but, reality is that you don't want an improper diagnosis. You'll need to deal with anxiety obviously and most people with either acute or chronic illness develop anxiety from the fear of the unknown or fear of the next attack. It's good you had blood work and urine analysis to rule out infection. And you'll have the sonogram. It's easier said than done but, try to focus on the fact that you'll get the sonogram and that other tests exist to get to the root of the problem. I know when you're sick that it's hard to focus but, you're at the beginning of trying to figure out the cause. That means someone is likely to run a test to nail a diagnosis.