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@allegro It has to be so tough for you . I could see it in families that would come to see there love one in the nursing home . You are on a good format here at Connect we here care and will listen to you so you can use this to get angry or cry what ever you need there are a lot of people who care I remember when my husband had his stroke and I had to still work so I hired a trusted friend to take care of my husband while I worked . She was a lady I worked with in the nursing home . Would that be an option for you so you and your kids could go out for awhile ?

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it really does help to be able to vent once in awhile….at least it makes me feel like I am not alone…..I hate to sound like I am complaining because I am really not…it's just that it gets so frustrating at times, especially when you feel so darn helpless……so thank you for letting me use this format to vent …..I so appreciate it……….Jan