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leg neuropathy

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Hello @jeanray, welcome to Connect. I also have neuropathy – mine is idiopathic small fiber PN. I posted my story earlier on Connect here: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/anyone-here-dealing-with-peripheral-neuropathy/?pg=42#comment-65985

There is another discussion on Connect that you might want to join in and meet other members with your symptoms that can share their experience with Lyrica and Gabapentin here:

> Groups > Neuropathy > Living with Neuropathy – Welcome to the group

Are you able to share a little more about your diagnosis and your pain symptoms?

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Diagnosis was neuropathy with unknown cause….. Blood tests have determined not diabetic. No real change in blood test from a year ago except little low on Vit B12, which I checked and affects nerves. I am now taking this. Started a few weeks ago, extreme sensitivity in my right knee and legs, numbness in toes and feet……..anything touching was a problem. Problems sleeping….I have a history of restless leg syndrome from time to time, so got up, walked, elevated legs, etc. it got worse……I am now experiencing it to some degree all the time. Will check website….Thank you.