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Hi, I'm pretty new here, but I'm starting aquatic PT in May and am excited about it! When I had my 2nd hip arthroscopy in 2008, I did aquatic and just found it much more relaxing and enjoyable then the other kind,lol.

In 2013-2015 Iived in FL and had a bilateral mastectomy bc of TNBC and also had nerve blocks throughout my spine bc of the facet joint arthropy, etc. I also used my pool, checked out YouTube for some PT ideas and did that.

Now I've got this severe iron in my brain and trying to get a dx. I'm feeling like it could be MS with my symptoms. I also have fibromyalgia and it's gotten pretty severe lately. And also getting my ovaries removed in june. I'm tired of surgeries but try to just keep a positive spirit! Hugs!

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@butterflylan17 I am impressed at how positive you are staying, that's great.
I've never heard of iron in the brain, is that a typical MS symptom? How did you discover that you had it?
I hear you when you say you are tired of surgeries. I can relate to that too well — tired of hospital stays too.

Water PT sounds great. I do water classes but have not had PT in a pool. There is a physical therapy business within my health club and they do some, but they don't have a great reputation for PT.