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Dementia: Just diagnosed and scared

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Hi, @adah – glad you are starting to get some answers about your son's condition through the MRI about the sinus inflammation, and you will be meeting with a genetics doctor coming up. How is he doing currently? Are you still seeing the confusion you mentioned previously?

@barbbie – sorry to hear your husband is having a difficult time and has gotten dehydrated and fallen. Glad to hear he's not gotten injured. Sounds like you are doing everything possible to keep up on researching his disease and assisted living options to help him and offer him everything possible. I am so glad that amidst the challenges, you have a neurologist who is supporting you and really on your side.

If you'd like to talk with other caregivers of those who have Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia at any point, here are a couple of Connect discussions in the Caregivers group you may want to check out:

– Dementia and anxiety https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/dementia-drugs-to-ease-anxiety/

– Caring for someone who has dementia/Alzheimer's https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/caregiving-for-dementia-sufferers/

I can imagine it would be heartbreaking to not have your husband recognize you. How do you respond to him, @barbbie, when he appears to not know you as you?

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When he doesn't recognize me as me, I have often felt a very deep pain in my heart. My therapist says it's grieving the loss. I have a tough time responding not knowing who he thinks he's talking to. If he mentions my name and asks where I am I can respond with she's upstairs or outside gardening. Several times when we have to go somewhere he has asked what car are we using and do I know how to get there.. We only have one car! I tell him we will use the car in the garage. Yes, I know the way.
With PTs and OTs coming in, he is very confused about who is who, yet he is very social with them. He can tell them anything and they don't know he isn't telling things as they actually happened. Only I know and I don't correct him. If it is something they need to know I walk them to their cars and make corrections then.
Thanks for the new sites..