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Fibrosing mediastinitis

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Does anyone have Fibrosing Mediastinitis?

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Hi @msvicki, welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I moved your message to this existing discussion about fibrosing mediastinitis in the Lung Health group https://connect.mayoclinic.org/group/lung-conditions/ Here you will meet @tiss.

Vicki, do you have fibrosing mediastinitis or are you taking care of someone with FM?

I do- was officially diagnosed in April of this year.

Yes I have FM which now my pulmonary vein have been blocked due to it only one remains open

I do, I was diagnosed in December after having an infarction of the lung in October. Very curious to meet others who have this disease and possibly find some connections as to how we developed it. I have Lyme Disease and Babesia since 1993, wondering if anyone else has this as well?
Also wondering about the continueing pain, and fatigue....does this sound familiar?

Yes. Diagnosed in April 2021. I had histoplasmosis in 1989. Last 10 years I have had increased pain and shortness of breath. Since January of 2020, I have been on a roller coast of health issues that are connected (or presumptive connection to my histo). No treatment possible. It is too far advanced per VA doctors.