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Magnesium and heart rhythm problems

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Thank you both @afrobin and @catmom777 (cool nick by the way, cats!).
I don't think it's low sodium, I don't really have a low sodium diet. Something changed since about two weeks ago, and I have been feeling increasingly sick. But the brain swelling is interesting, I am used to drinking quite a lot of water, ever since I was young I would start my day with half a liter of water, then half a liter of tea (French roots, we drink 'un bol' [big breakfast bowl] or more for breakfast) and drink more during the day. But I don't think there is a relationship now. I did notice however that lately, even after drinking some tea, my head would feel like it was exploding and the pulsating sensations grew stronger. I will stop taking the magnesium for now to see if this will help me feeling better.

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It's certainly 'curieux'! If I were you, I would examine everything you have changed since the start of your symptoms. Magnesium…check the side effects on line. Are there other meds that you started? Did you change your diet?
Keep your blood test results and study them. I do so much research on my own and arrive at the doctor's with questions which we discuss together. It has happened that I have taught the doctor a thing or two. i.e. d-mannose to ward off bladder infections. A low carb diet that cured 8 months of relentless hives. And aerobic exercise for a serious case of Atrial fibrillation. I discovered this all on my own. Don't rely on a doctor to figure things out. You know your own body. You can look things up. And you may be the one to figure this out. Good luck!

This post is four years old, but I thought I'd mention that I used to need a whole lot more water than average, too. Then I figured out that I was eating way too much protein, more than my body could easily process, and that's why I needed so much water.
If you want to see how much protein (and other nutrients) you are getting, you can use the 'recipe nutrition calculator' on myfooddata.com . . . it's free– I just type in an approximation of one day's food intake as if it were one 'recipe' and take a look at my totals for vitamins, minerals, amino acids etc.