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Magnesium and heart rhythm problems

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I read that magnesium correct arrhythmia and PVCs, but could also lower the blood pressure. My BP is low to begin with and I am afraid to take magnesium. Anybody with low BP taking magnesium?

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Hi @sophieshor,

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May I ask if you could share a bit more about yourself – are you concerned about your magnesium levels?

@sophieshor l had bradycardia and was told that last year, l don't know if it was due to some of the drugs my doctors had me on lbecause there were a lot of recalls on the high blood pressure meds l was taking. Then l started taking supplements, l went to the health food store and even to the nutrisitionist house and she told me l going to help you get off all those meds and help you with your liver. So she told me to take magnesium, calicum and zinc. I just had surgery last month emergency heart ablation surgery because will l was in the hospital to see if l was having seizures l went into tachycardia twice and the cardiologist l have is a God sent. He told me l going to do something l can't let you go home with this happening. I went to the hospital on a Monday and l have been having problems with my heart since 2014 and it was diagnosed after l fell out went to a hospital and given opiods and meds l was allergic too. I was even given antidepressant by a pervious psychiatrist who should be in jail. She would just increase my antidepressant and l would tell her there was a problem but she kept increasing the dose. So l kept the bottles and they thought l was mixing the doses. l know how to take meds and meds that don't agree with me l won't take. when they ran test they saw l wasn't addicted to any drugs. So they had it as my heart and the cardiologist l was going to did absolutely nothing and now they are saying l owe them money since 2016 and report it to my credit burear but like the Bible say No weapon formed against me will prosper. And Hold on let the Lord fight your battle. Now our state is suing the insurance company but God Bless them because you have to take responsibility. l have had my new neurologist tell me he was sorry because l was misidentified and l felt sorry for him. l know its not his fault he's the doctor and its his staff. He doesn't book appointments but he came to me and my family twice and apologized that's a good doctor. I have respect for people like him but lies NO. And while being admitted for seizures they found out it was my heart. And l had emergency surgery and it was successful but then after surgery why is that they are giving me meds l not able to take and l was only admitted for surgery and the meds they were giving me were from a pervious doctor a year ago. l don't even go to because of a misdiagnoses. So l would say be very careful and talk to your doctor about your maganesium levels if he or she is working for you. You can research how much magnesium you can take. And if you need to talk to go on the Mayo Clinic website, AARP, GoodRX, health food store you can trust and there are other hospitals who are doing a lot of research. I talking to lots of people with Autoimmune disease, rare blood disorders, cancers, liver disease, kidney disease , dementia and brain injuries because going through all l been through. l been either misdiagnosed with these symptoms or given meds that treated something other than what l had. And yes l had some very good medical treatment and some l would do to someone l hated. But God always puts someone there to help you in the time of trouble. And people are so amazed when they see me but l give God all the Praise because he brought me out of what the Devil thought he had. So l here to help others and carry the message.if he has done it for me he can do the same for you. So hang on in there and don't forget to Ask Questions it your health. And if you are only in healthcare for the money than that's the wrong professional go to the stock markert. or maybe the lottery and maybe you will get Lucky. Medicine is to help and be compassionate and also have Mercy on others because it could be you next. God Bless You