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Sleep without trazadone

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I’m worried I will not sleep & I think my worry keeps me awake. I’m having a horrible time still. Taking 50 mg trazadone, visteral and a unisom and still having a hard time. I recently had my hormones checked because dr thinks I’m in menapause 😳 Do you take hormone replacement for menopause? If so, does that help you. I’ve given up on trazadone withdrawal for now. I think I’m still in lexapro withdrawal.

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@mommabird74 Good morning. It is just after 5AM, and already up for almost an hour. But I was an "early bird" even as a youngster. Menopause, or perimenopause, or monthly fluctuations in hormone levels can all play into sleep disturbances. It will be interesting to see what your blood results show to you. Will you report back and let us know? I had a hysterectomy in January 1999, and never took any replacement hormones. That was my choice and my doctor's opinion.

@mommabird74 The worry is even worse than not sleeping in my opinion. When I first had a hysterectomy I was on HRT for less than a year, mostly for hot flashes. What do you think of melatonin? Have you tried that? I know some people swear by it. My iPhone has an app called CALM for meditation,sleep and anxiety. That has been helping me calm my nerves. It plays soothing music. I like the nature sounds the best. Do you think something like this would help you?