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Sleep without trazadone

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@mommabird74 Are you worrying you will not be able to sleep without the Trazadone? Or is it not effective at 25 mg? I used to take 125-150 mg per night but then I went into the hospital and it was days before I had it. When it was finally prescribed, I felt over-medicated and reduced the doseage to 50 mg that I was given in the hospital. I slept fine.I am a chronic pain patient and take oxycodone. When I took the pain meds at night, I had nightmares.
Since menopause, I sleep in 2-3 hour cycles, but rarely get in 8 hours a night.
You mentioned that you thought you were losing your memory on higher doseage of Trazadone. How are you feeling taking a lower amount?
Only you can decide what is right for you. I would talk to a psychiatrist for his opinion.
I hope you find a happy medium that leaves you getting a good quality sleep.

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I’m worried I will not sleep & I think my worry keeps me awake. I’m having a horrible time still. Taking 50 mg trazadone, visteral and a unisom and still having a hard time. I recently had my hormones checked because dr thinks I’m in menapause 😳 Do you take hormone replacement for menopause? If so, does that help you. I’ve given up on trazadone withdrawal for now. I think I’m still in lexapro withdrawal.