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Last time I went to cardiologist he said my afib was now less than one percent of the time. I am a stubborn old man (89). LAst summer I had been having skipped heart almost every night between one and three in the night. After a life style evaluation I was determined to try to stop the attacks. I went through my meds one at a time , no result then stopped my alcohol, all kinds, even mouth wash with alcohol, stopped coffee, and started decaf. Stopped some aged cheeses. No sodas, any kind, no tea because it has more caffeine than coffee. Don’t smoke and haven’t for 38 years . I even found that chicken marsella (wine used for cooking the chicken) would start an attack. Net result of all this is afib has been contained
Also add two more things. IM now very careful about getting too tired from working, and try to get too upset . I still ride my bike every day , play bridge once. Week , do sudoko every day and travel where I want to go no matter how far,

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Thanks for that. I was diagnosed on 3/8 after calling an ambulance & winding up in the ER. I had been drinking coffee (sometimes all day) and green tea every afternooon plus had one to two glasses of red wine with and after dinner almost every night and am convinced that's what caused my afib. It's been a rough five weeks, but after cutting out all caffeine and wine, and drinking a glass of V8 juice every day, my heart seems to be behaving better. I still have occasional chest pain though. My first cardiologist appointment is in less than two days now (it took this long to get a referral and get an appointment), and I'll see what he says. Another cause for mine might be sleep apnea. That seems to be an overlooked culprit on a lot of these threads. The only solution to that is the CPAP machine, which everybody hates to even think about.
One thing you didn't mention is whether you are on meds. I was placed on blood thinners that first night in the ER and now I am told I can't go off them for the rest of my life. I also take Diltiazem to keep my heart from racing.