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Hello Deepak,I'm sorry to hear that you are going through a rough period with your health. Maybe my story can help you.
When I was 46, right after drinking a cup of strong tea (with an Indian dance teacher!) and during a stressful period where my mother was dying, my heart began to race AND skip beats. Within days my heart was ALWAYS racing and skipping beats. Of course, I was very alarmed. After a few visits to Emergency, a Holter monitor test over a 24 hour period, ECGs and finally a visit with a cardiologist, I was put on beta blockers to keep my heart even and steady. The cardiologist told me that of every 10 people he sees with skipped beats and racing heart, he only medicates one…and I wasthe one. He told me that if my heart races (and 110 – 120 is not too bad), to bear down as if you are pushing in the bathroom. That will often stop the episode. But VERY IMPORTANT: he said was that if a person feels faint or weak, he or she needs medication.
I was put on a high dose of beta blockers which controlled my racing heart and arrhythmia (aFib) for 2 years. Then I discovered that by going to the gym every day and pushing my heart, I was able to slowly get off the beta blockers and my heart remained steady and strong. My cardiologist was surprised and said that the aFib would be back. But a very important thing he advised me to do was to avoid ALL stimulants; tea, coffee, chocolate, sugars, caffeinated soft drinks, spicy foods, alcohol, cigarette smokey environments, decongestants and other drugs that contain ephedrine and dental freezing. You can believe that I was highly motivated to stay well. I proved the cardiologist wrong because it is 22 years later and the condition has not returned. I do occasionally have mild episodes of racing heart (around 110 beats per minute after sugary foods) or a blip here and there which is fine.
All this is to say that you will likely find that avoiding all stimulants (above) and pushing your heart through aerobic exercise (walking just won't do it) will solve your problem. So often, lifestyle changes can solve problems instead of resorting to drugs. I wish you good luck!

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very much Thanks

your information, is very much helpful, thanks !

please shear more about , your previous and now, health condition, so that I can able to judge my health condition ! please !