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Smart watch to monitor heart

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I finally was able to have my annual exam and labs with my primary care doc and one of things I had written down to discuss with him was the irregular heart beat and low heart rate sleeping. My Apple watch and Kardia app show that I have an irregular heart beat intermittently and PVCs. I told him I've also frequently seen Afib's show up on the app. He scheduled an EKG while I was there to use as a baseline and I have to go to Rochester Mayo Monday for an appointment to connect a 24 hour Holter monitor so they can get a better picture of what might be going on. He thinks I might need a blood thinner but I'm hoping not. I've seen the irregular heart beats since I've had the Apple watch and Kardia app, and on my blood pressure monitor for the last several years but I've never had any physical symptoms where I feel that something is going on. I know it's not a big deal but I'm not looking forward to wearing the monitor while sleeping…yuck.

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@johnbishop. I was put on the 24 hour monitor and a two day monitor couple of years ago because sometimes my heart rate would go to peak for a few minutes and then drop back down for no reason usually when I am walking or even doing housework. I never had afib noted on my Kardia. Yes, it is a pain in the you know where to sleep with those monitors. Then out of the blue I had a TIA in January, my cardiologist and my children convinced me to have a loop recorder put in, because to really find out if you have afib or not, you need a continuous monitoring, it may not happen on the days that you have the monitor on. He also put me on blood thinner. I'm not liking it, but if it's that or another TIA or stroke, I don't really have a choice, even though I'm a healthy eater and walks everyday. The loop recorder also let my doctor know if there's any irregular heart rates that's not normal. I've had it for 6 months now, thank goodness no problem has shown up. While I was resistant at first, I have to say it gives me peace of mind. It's so small I don't even feel it. The whole procedure literally only takes a few minutes. There was a little bleeding in the start because of the blood thinner but once the issue was resolved. It was hardly noticeable. Hope the monitor works for you. Take care.

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