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Smart watch to monitor heart

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Welcome to Connect @concretesue. You will see that I moved your discussion to this related conversation "Smart watch to monitor heart" where members are discussing what type of personal monitors they should use to track their heart. I'd like to share the following website and video https://wiki.ezvid.com/best-heart-rate-monitors
The video in the upper right of the website rates the top 10 heart rate monitors and it looks as though the Apple watch comes in at number 2, only secondary to the Garmin Forerunner 945.

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Hi Amanda @amandaburnett, Thank you for sharing the video link. I like that it shows what's available to help us track our health as patients. I also have an series 2 Apple watch and got one of the Kardia Mobile devices when they first came out. I later purchased one of the Karia watch bands for the iWatch and use it more than the 2 pad Kardia device. Both of them give me anxiety but I've gotten used to it after the first time it showed me a possible AFib reading. I showed it to my Mayo primary care doc a few years ago and when he first looked at the readout on my iPhone he went to consult the heart doc at the local clinic. After a few minutes they both concluded the EKG was OK even though the reading was showing some quirks. I'm thinking a lot of the funny readings I get are due to my small fiber peripheral neuropathy and using my fingers/thumb to get the EKG. But, I still like seeing the information and I take my BP and EKG every morning at the same time to see if there are differences.

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