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Smart watch to monitor heart

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I have looked at the app that was recommended for this and it looks like you have to put your fingers on a small pad?? I'm not sure I'd ever get it set up in time! I have some short runs that I can't tell if they are PVCs or a-fib or what but it looked like the recording wasn't automatic. I'm on Android, but would be willing to change if it would give my cardiologist some more information! Can you give any specifics??

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The apple watch would not be a problem for short intervals. You would just keep the ECG app on the face of the watch, when you start to notice something, you would tap on the app and then press the watch crown and hold for 30 seconds. It's very quick! The heart app that comes with the watch does an automatic heart rate and the app heartwatch will automatically record your heart rate every 4 minutes. So, an app that is automatic, would track heart rate always. You can set up notifications to alert you if your heart rate is too high or too low. From the ECG app, you can print, save or send the ECG to your doctor. The heart rate apps keep the information on file in the data for your doctor. There is so much information for your doctor, that my doctor was amazed. If you fall and do not move for one minute, the apple watch with contact, whoever you specify, help.

I hope this helps!

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