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Arterial Blood Gas

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@tiss, I know it is late. I hope this reaches you before your test tomorrow. 10 years ago, I had arterial blood gas test as part of my evaluation for organ transplant. I don't remember it being as uncomfortable as I had feared or read about. The site was numbed before the procedure. It does not take long at all for the blood draw. I had it done on two different occasions, and each at a different facility. As with any blood draw, a whole lot depends upon the skill of the phlebotomist.

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Thank you so much for your reply! I will be ok. I feel better!

Hi there,
I am truly sorry to hear about your ABG. I wish you had not asked that question. But first it’s necessary to inform you my veins roll, now I don’t remember if my artery also rolled or not but they had to adjust the needle a few times. In my experience, and I’ll no doubt get in trouble for saying it but Yes, it HURT LIKE HELL!!! Now that was decades ago and I’d imagine phlebotomy technology and techniques have probably improved since then.
One thing I’d like to share, awhile back I had to have specialized MRI studies of my shoulders and had to have an injection into my shoulder capsule. I thought nothing of it until I saw the needle. It looked like it was a foot long. I got quite nervous at that point but the doc put it in and I didn’t feel a thing. I had both shoulders operated on and had lots of scar tissue. Scar tissue doesn’t have nerve endings so no pain. So if you have a surgery scar ask them to go through the scar if possible.
When you go to your doctor and s/he checks your heart rate and Oxygen is it normal? I would be sure every other test that can be done has already been done before agreeing to an ABG.
I have heard people say it wasn’t bad and that has been in the last few years.
I’m guessing I had an unusually bad experience. Be sure to get someone who has done this many times before. They also have ultrasound machines for locating arteries/veins. They had to use one last time I was in the hospital but they didn’t use it until they tried a half dozen or more times. I would imagine it would be helpful. Never hurts to ask, or insist.
I’ll be with you in spirit, not that it will help,