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I too have similar issues. Doctors think I’m crazy when I tell them what’s happening with me since I moved 7 months ago. I know there’s mold. I can’t afford to move. I have Trigeminal Nueralgia, 6 years now. Doctors and family tell me since my cranial nerves are compressed it’s compromising my thoughts. I’m not the crazy one but if they lived through this they’d tell a different story. I love to research.
It’s taken me 6-7 hours each day till I finally came across something today. There’s nothing it don’t talk about that I don’t suffer. Explains every detail of what’s wrong. I’ve literally wished I were just crazy. If I knew I was crazy I’d feel better. At least I’d have a answer. To say the least I’m glad I’m not crazy now because I finally found the answer.
I don’t know if I’m allowed to insert the link to the findings.
whatmoldtoxicityfeelslike Look this up online. I hope it takes you to that article. If not is there another way to contact you?

Thank you Page admin for the prompt message letting me know I couldn’t post a link.

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– What Mold Toxicity feels like, from symptoms to shame. https://pjharlowwellness.com/blog/whatmoldtoxicityfeelslike