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pain with sleep apnea

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@happyat76 - as @ethanmcconkey mentioned, that sounds very painful. Thanks for sharing about how this pain in your breastbone, which goes up into your chest and at times down into your stomach, is accompanying your newly-diagnosed sleep apnea and how your sleep doctor indicates it may improve with the new breathing machine, the expiratory positive airway pressure (EPAP).

I'd like to invite into this conversation some other members who may have had this kind of pain along with sleep apnea or who may have heard about this, like @johnbishop @thankful @johnhans @dawn_giacabazi @etaniguchi. Hoping they will have some input and can provide some support as you seek to alleviate this pain.

I also wanted to encourage you to consider starting a new discussion in the Connect Sleep Health group on expiratory positive airway pressure (EPAP) as you start getting it set up and using it, as I think it would be beneficial to others who'd like to discuss that particular device.

Is this pain something you experience continually, @happyat76, or mostly at night?

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Hi Lisa,
Thank you for your quick response. I have this pain every single day. It comes and goes and has nothing to do with eating or not eating. I didn't get the machine today as I was supposed to, but will get it next Tuesday and will go to the site you have suggested and tell them about my experience with this fairly new device on the market. I will also check out all the people you have suggested to me to talk to. Thanks again.