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perihilar infiltrate

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this is my concern: 2 weeks ago I was diagnosed with pneumonia. My chest x-ray showed a small area of infiltrate on the right lung. The doctors assured me it was not a tumor but an infection. I was given intravenous antibiotics. They worked within 2 days. I was released in 4 with oral antibiotics and told I was fine
I followed up with my doctor. He sent me for an x-ray (10 days after the hospital release). His office called shortly after telling me to make an appointment. at my earliest convenience. I missed the call. The next day was saturday. I called and left a message asking if I had cancer. The office called back (I missed it) telling me not to worry and that they would schedule me for wednesday evening. I called again asking if I had lung cancer. The doctor called back (Again I missed it) and said there was no need to worry , no need to rush he just wants to discuss the results and the next step., but since I was so concerned he'd move the appointment to monday.
Is it possible that the hospital missed the tumor because it was hidden by the infection and by the time I had the repeat x-ray the infection cleared and the tumor visible And the doctor refuses to tell me over the phone?

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Happy you see doctor tomorrow, will be looking here to see how you did, Good Luck!!Jeanette aka girlbybay