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Hi @afrochic Please let me add my welcome to @hopeful33250.

Teresa asks some good questions here. Your diagnosis does sound very troublesome. I am trying to figure out some gastric problems I have developed myself, but hopefully, the diagnosis won't be too serious.

I agree with Teresa about seeking a second opinion. That never hurts and it is good to know that you are moving in the right direction. If you are close to a major medical center, that is the best place to go.

Please do let us know your progress in confirming your diagnosis or finding it may be something else.

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Thank you @contentandwell I'm so sorry to be replying after one month. I have sought a second, third and even fourth opinion where I live in Abuja, Nigeria. They all reach the same conclusion saying the line of treatment is the same all over the world. The second Gastroenterologist said not to worry too much about the IM diagnosis as we'll be repeating the Endoscopy in some months to make sure nothing sinister is happening. He placed me on more PPIs and advised to elevate my bed. The PPIs offer no lasting relief unfortunately so I've gone off them totally and now relying on my diet. Some days I feel no symptoms, some days I feel so terrible I can barely stand. About to start looking into herbal and naturopathic treatment. I think conventional medicine is limited in its knowledge and treatment of this condition.

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