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Lyn (@pearlbaby7)

When Depression "Flares"

Depression & Anxiety | Last Active: Jun 12, 2019 | Replies (32)

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@pearlbaby7– I'm sorry that you are having a tough time with your neighbor. You two must be very close for her to even try to talk to you like that. Is it possible to tell her how much she hurts you when she does? I know what you mean about feeling vulnerable if you divulge a sensitive part of yourself. I cringe when I have to but, but do it nevertheless, and you did it here too! I hope that you can break away from her soon. Is there a church group that you can turn to? I think that we've talked about this before.

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@merpreb She does know I don't have any options right now. Being on an MAOI limits my food options so much and most people don't want the hassle of fixing food without the long list of ingredients I can't have. Meals on Wheels won't do it either. I keep burning myself when I try cooking stove top, oven and even sometimes the microwave. Ordering food delivered is too expensive here. Basically the pizza places are the only ones who will. I have a meeting scheduled with an organization that connects people who need help with resources in the area. I didn't think about asking him for that kind of help. Thank you for leading me there. I meet with him Thursday. Maybe he can help me not be so dependent on my neighbor.

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