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Alrighty then, we all learn something new everyday. I figured I'd Google your symptoms, and entering words on Google, they are making suggestions for what you might be asking. I got as far as "palpitations felt in" and I noticed "Neck" was a search suggestion. That's a good sign, that means that there are sufficient numbers of others searching for "palpitations felt in Neck" to warrant them making the suggestion.

So, they also gave a percentage of the article and it was from an article at the National Institutes of Health.

Here is the quoted section:

""Palpitations are feelings that your heart is skipping a beat, fluttering, pounding, or beating too hard or too fast. You may feel palpitations in your chest, throat, or neck during activity or when you are sitting still or lying down.""

So, they define your symptoms as being commonly encountered. The preview of the article also mentioned the need to see a doctor for anyone experiencing palpitations, if I understand your comment correctly, you are already doing this and are, or will be, wearing a monitor. So you're doing the proper thing there too.

There are also fasciculations, spasms of muscle groups unrelated to the heart. They can give the impression they are palpitations, I'm sure your doctor will be able to sort things out.

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@soliloquized thank you so much for all this information! I was beginning to wonder if anyone else knew what I was talking about! Thank you for taking the time to research it. Yes I have on the 30 day monitor, and funny that you mention it but I saw an E.n
T. Today and the suggestion was maybe some kind of spasm if it wasn't related to heart, which when I looked up facimilios sounded the same, although it seems unlike the twitching spasms at times, but I just don't know I really don't like the unknown part of it I am having an MRI done and still have awhile to go for monitor yet