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@brdwybaby It just might be that the fragrances in the cat litterwere the cause of your sore throat. I have cats and only use unscented products at home because chemicals trigger my asthma and allergies. Cats don't like fragrances either and are more sensitive to it that we humans are. I use the recycled paper pellets cat litter because they are relatively dust free (Brands- Yesteday's News or Fresh News). I have lots of allergies to dust, molds, etc, and that can cause a sore throat for me. My airways will swell with fragrances triggering asthma and that makes it hard for me to be around people who are wearing them or places like the laundry detergent aisle in the grocery store. I also use HEPA filters in my home and do allergy shots. It's detective work to figure this stuff out sometimes.

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@jenniferhunter I actually talked to my doctor about that being the culprit today, and she seemed to think it wasn’t related. She thought this because I don’t have any actual breathing issues, as that probably would’ve irritated my lungs more than anything. Also, I don’t have an active sore throat. What I mean by that is… when I’m just sitting and doing nothing, my throat feels absolutely fine. Its not raw or scratchy at all. It’s only when I swallow that my tonsils (and sometimes ears) feel like they’re being stabbed. They insist it’s just drainage, but this is just SO painful and lengthy. I’m having a hard time believing it. I was tested again for strep today, and again it came back negative. I’ve also had four doctors tell me two different things: two say sinus drainage, two say virus. What am I supposed to think? And once again, if it is a virus… why wouldn’t the pink eye be VIRAL? It was definitely bacterial. I keep worrying that I need antibiotics and I’m not being given the proper treatment. It hurts SO bad, and taking Tylenol all the time for the pain makes me anxious. I don’t want to take too much for too long. It barely takes the edge off anyway. But I am coughing less! So maybe it is a virus I’m slowly getting over. I don’t know. The pain is just so severe that it makes me fret, and my mind needs some rest. I’m just fed up.

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