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Afib and alcohol: Holiday Heart?

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Hi, im not sure about afib or alcohol but before my heart transplant i had ventricular tachacardia and at first it was well controlled with a pacemaker and anti arrythmia drugs. Back then i drank probably more than i should and most of my doctor's limited me to 1-2 beers a day. Well 2 problems with that was i would have 2 but very large 2. About 2015 i had a very bad bout with arrythmias my pace maker had to shock me about 8 times over a few hour period befor i got to the hosp and on some stronger drugs to get my Heart back in rythum. Scariest day of my life. Well between my faith in the Lord i gave up drinking. I didn't take the drs serious enough and kept pushing it. Im so glad i did because i truly believe God got my attention and maybe i would not be here. But also i thi k i damaged my heart and 2 years later it finially gave out. Luckily i was eligible for a heart transplant which BTW you can't dri k at all with a transplant. So i figure the Good Lord was preparing me for this period i my life. Im turning 60 next week and i don't think i would be here if for not listening to God and my doctors about alcohol.

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Wow, you are lucky to be alive!! Did you get a heart transplant? I would think it's hard to get one and that there's a long waiting list. If you got you, you are extremely lucky.

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