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Afib and alcohol: Holiday Heart?

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A Holiday Heart? Seems to me that if one had a holiday heart it should be connected with chocolates, flowers, presents. I've had afib for 2 years which earned me 3 visits to the ER and two hospital stays. Not one medical person said it was related to alcohol because it isn't so. Afib is probably hereditary. I was sick for a month and half before it was diagnosed. If a medical condition is that difficult to isolate before treatment how could anyone so quickly say it's alcohol related. Doesn't figure. I don't drink and I never have except the time I accidentally got into my dad's hard cider when I was 13. That was a shocker. A cardiologist would not tell you it's alcohol related. Best to you.

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I wound up in the ER again last Saturday morning and asked the doctor then too what the relationship was between alcohol and afib. He said that afib can happen to a person who very much abuses alcohol, but in my case, with 1.5 to two glasses a night, he doubted it. Because I felt so horrible, they admitted me. It turns out my sodium level was 127 when the minimum is 136, so they put me on a saline drip all night to get my sodium level back up and to monitor me. They took my blood every six hours. But, I'm scared straight as they say. I have not touched alcohol since 3/7, the night before my initial afib episode from hell. I had another bad night last night with the pounding heart, but got up a few times and my BP was normal. My heart rate got up to 82, which is fast for me. I don't know what that was about. I only have afib incidents at night. Curiously my heart RATE was steady. It was just a pounding and fast heartbeat. I woke up this morning feeling awful again, but took a few Himalayan salt crystals before I ate breakfast and after lunch felt somewhat normal again. I am beginning to wonder though if I'll ever feel NORMAL again. I have brief moments of feeling decent, but most of the time feel a bit out of it. I hope all this equalizes eventually. I blame the Eliquis, but I might never know for sure because the docs say I will probably be on it the rest of my life.
No matter what though. I am so sorry for whatever I did to put me in this spot. I was also diagnosed with osteoporosis right after being diagnosed with afib, so I'm feeling extremely sorry for myself right now. I'm trying not to get depressed, but it's hard. I live alone and don't have many friends here. I feel so sad. I do appreciate all of you though. It helps to hear other peoples' stories. Some of your stories are way worse than mine. Maybe you can tell me though, am I ever going to feel good again?

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