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Afib and alcohol: Holiday Heart?

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Hi again, catmom! I wish I could drink wine but I am one of those people (maybe genetically predisposed) for whom alcohol is contraindicated. My heart will race and skip beats if I even have a bit of wine…or chocolate, too much sugar and any stimulant (Coke, coffee, tea, decongestants, epinephrine in dental freezing and stimulants in some supplements). It's all a matter of self education. Just keep away from these things and all should be well.
I, too was in the ER on a number of occasions when I first started with arrhythmia. I told you my daily aerobics story which cured my condition which the cardiologist had said was the worst AFib he had ever seen.
Believe me, if your GP thought your condition was serious, he/she would have sent you straight to emergency. As I told you, the cardiologist told me that he only treats one in ten of patients he sees who have arrhythmia, palpitations, tachycardia etc… (I was that one in ten) And unless it interferes with normal daily functioning in the sense of being short of breath or feeling dizzy etc…, he does not treat them.
My 38 year old daughter has some mild arrhythmia (and has for years) but still drinks alcohol and coffee. The day may come where her heart will tell her to stop.
The heart is strong and occasional skipped beats or racing don't necessarily mean it's about to stop. lol I think some of us are just more sensitive to stimulants. And the simplest solution is to cut them out which is not that great a hardship…and then carry on with life.

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Good morning afrobin. It's quite a journey already. My doc appointment is in a few hours and it's the beginning of finding out why I have it and what I can do about it. My heart was quiet for two days at least, maybe three, then last night while I was watching a British mystery I felt flutters. I got to sleep OK at about 9:30 or 10, but woke up at oneish with it beating somewhat irregular but HARD (although not as hard as that night I called the ambulance). I can't think of any triggers. For dinner I had corn tortillas fried in olive oil with pinto beans, sour cream, and Tabasco sauce for dinner, then a few Girl Scout cookies +chamomile tea. So, I guess my heart just does what it wants when it wants to.
Do you ever get chest pains (upper left chest about 4 inches below the clavicle)? I will be asking the GP about that today.
Also, late last week I got a phone call saying I have osteoporosis. I had a bone scan done. I am 65.

I lay in bed awake some nights wondering how long I'm going to live with these two conditions. I'm guessing 15 more years. I might get dementia anyway, so if I go out from a failing heart it's better than suffering many years with dementia. I used to work as a caregiver and made up my mind that going down the long hopeless road of dementia was not for me. So if I had my choice, a failed heart is the better choice. Do you think a lot about death too? I am feeling like I am a morbid person, but with getting hit with these serious and irreversible issues all of a sudden, I'm too preoccupied with it. I started my bucket list yesterday.

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