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Thumping/drumming in one ear

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I have thumping in 1 eardrum due to noises. Just normal talk. I have to cover my ear and it helps. It even thumps when i move my mouth. Its been happening for over a month. I went to the ENT but nothing. Its getting maddening. The only thing that helps is putting a finger in my ear

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@tigerpride-thumping in ear drum sometimes happens. It can be common over time due to exertion, temperature changes and strain on an ear drum. The ear drum is a muscle just like other muscles in the body. It’s job is to cushion, protect from sound. Sometimes stress or strain can make an ear drum hypersensitive too sound. The thumping is just the ear drum “straining” so to speak to dampen the sound. Most people will got to an ENT. They won’t really explain much or take that good of care unless they see something that they can make money on. They are surgeons first and foremost. They do not want to be in the clinic discussing subjective nasal and ear symptoms. Once you develop an annoying sound it’s easy to focus on it. I would recommend finding someone who deals in Somatization therapy, who can help you to reprogram how you feel/hear it and hopefully it can fade into the background and not be so bothersome.

@tigerpride Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect, a place to give and get support.

You are experiencing "thumping" an eardrum and despite seeing a specialist you have not found a cause or resolution.

Members like @melissac13 @variegata @mackmoving @scottybach @morninglory @redhead63 @mikemcewen have expereicne discussing this topic and may be able to help answer questions and/or offer support.

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May I ask if your provider offered any follow-up testing or suggestions and if not, have you considered getting a second opinion?