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knee replacement allergy

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I have had two knee replacements and need a third…. 1st in January 2018, lasted a year and three months, it hurt constantly, when the doctor went in to replace it, the bottom portion literally fell out. With the second one he put in of course it has longer stems and it felt great for the first month, then it started hurting and it’s now been a year and seven months, and hurts just like the first one did! When I go into a grocery store, I have to hold onto to a cart in order to make it all the way around the store. When I go to the restroom I have to use a handicap stall, or hold onto something to push myself up, I cannot just stand up. When I went to Mayo Clinic I told the doctor I realize my name will never be like I am 30 again, all I want is for it to stop hurting all the time. I need my right knee done so bad, but I swore I would not do that until my left one didn’t hurt any longer. Hopefully Dr. Clark in Arizona can do something just to make the pain go away.

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Prayers for you. I have Interstitial Cystitis to go along with dealing with knee replacement. Not something I would wish on any one.

Hello @lonna66, I would like to add my welcome to Connect along with @jnoronha. Sorry to hear you both have had a knee replacement that hasn't worked. There are a couple of other knee replacement discussions you may find helpful.

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Do you know if your knee replacement failed because of an allergy you have to the metal that is used in the replacement parts?