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knee replacement allergy

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What symptoms did you have? I had knee replacement in May of 2019. Since then I have had constant pain, numbness in leg including foot. I suspect that I, also, may be allergic to the cement.

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My gate was bad from a bad break three years ago even with many hours of therapy. Dr. Quigley just asked if I was ready. With my insurance it is covered in Missouri. United health Care saved my life.

Am sorry to hear of your pain; so many people seem to experience that. I have had 2 TKR (3 yrs apart). First was perfect. Second is pretty good but definitely not perfect. Pain has not been my issue. But the second TKR has had leg numbness (not in foot) since surgery 1.5 yrs. ago. I cannot get a good explanation for this. I think the numbness may have decreased a little bit (?) I also had the tight band and every 6 months it seems to improve so now it is not much of an issue. While I do not understand the numbness, I have to admit it does not prevent me from playing a racquet sport which is key to my "mental recovery". A new development which is concerning in 2nd TKR is that sometimes that leg hesitates for a nannosecond when I am running. It is (I think) either nerve damage or pinched nerve? I always wonder if nerve damage caused the numbness? I am now going to PT to work on better balance (which had never before been a life issue). And going downstairs is something I must concentrate on to smoothly best coordinate my legs. I always wonder if the first TKR had no after effects because I still had the other normal knee. But with 2 TKRs, is one bound to experience a few issues on balance/coordination? Again, I am very happy I can play Pickleball. Such fun. But am concerned about balance.