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Left Anterior Clinoid Meningioma Surgery

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I started losing peripheral vision in my left eye. Eye Dr thought it was glaucoma but I kept losing vision too quickly. Finally had an MRI of my brain and they found the tumor. The tumor is wrapped around my optic nerve so I will eventually be blind in that eye.

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That’s very similar to what happened to me. I’ve been treated for glaucoma for many (probably 7) years and finally they said it was cataracts. Had the cataract surgery Sept. 2018 and still did not improve, they told me YAG laser would fix it. Had YAG in December 2018. Still bad vision in left eye. Right eye is fine.

My cataract surgeon sent me to a Glaucoma specialist in February 2019 and within 5 minutes he said I don’t and have never had Glaucoma and he sees slight pallor in my left optic nerve with APD. Sent me for a brain MRI and here I am. 7 years after being diagnosed with Glaucoma I find out I never had it, probably had cataract and yag surgery for no good reason too. I’m seriously irritated with the ophthalmologists ( I have seen many over the years) I have seen since I’ve been complaining about peripheral vision loss for years. No on ever mentioned doing an MRI. It probably wouldn’t have changed things, I would have been on a ‘watch and wait list’ at that point but it still seems that if a patient complains of peripheral vision loss and they have visual fields that prove it then an MRI should be an automatic recommendation.

I do not know if the tumor is wrapped or pushing around the optic nerve, I also know it’s close to the carotid although they don’t think it’s on it. The MRI I had was grainy and the cuts were too thick…lesson learned…there are different qualities of MRI and you get what you pay for. Mayo recommended a better MRI but after talking to the Neurosurgeon he recommenced I do that prior to surgery or in a few months to see if the tumor is growing.

I will definitely go back to Mayo for the MRI, and i’m leaning towards the surgery (probably around June when weather in MN is a lot nicer than now). Going to take a couple of weeks to process this whole thing and make my final decision. It’s definitely overwhelming to say the least.